Your Appointment

On your first visit, we will begin a permanent record.* For your protection, we must know the condition of your health before treatment is started. Be prepared to provide a detailed medical history including your present medications.

*Your medical records are kept strictly private. The only exception is when we are required by law to disclose them (e.g. industrial injuries, assault, etc.).

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  • Dr. Stoken/Dr. Wagner/Dr. West/Dr. Oszustowicz participates in a variety of insurances. Please present your insurance cards/forms you have available at every visit. Thank you

First Time to Stoken Wagner Ophthalmic Associates?

Please bring the following to your appointment: Download, print and complete the New Patient Form. Please bring completed form to your appointment. Completing this form prior your appointment allows you to consider questions and provide complete information. Below, you will find three additional informational forms you can either print, complete, or view, prior to your appointment.

Arriving Late or Cancelling Your Appointment

If you are unable to keep your appointment, or will be arriving late, please call the office as soon as possible at 717-249-6337.

Length of Appointments

Please allow enough time for your appointment. Complete exams last approximately one to two hours. Treatment or follow-up examinations require 30-60 minutes.

Staying on Schedule

To help us a stay on schedule, we ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. Although we work very hard to stay on schedule, emergencies sometimes arise. We will do our best to notify you beforehand if we are delayed for a prolonged time. Occasionally, we may take patients out of turn depending on the level of urgency. We know your time is valuable; however, we ask for your patience in the event you may have to wait.

Have You Been Waiting Too Long?

We know your time is valuable. We feel that you deserve more than an apology for your time spent waiting in our office. Rather, we think you deserve an explanation of why we can run late for your scheduled appointment time.

Many times we’ve heard patients say that we must have “overbooked” appointments. We’re as concerned as you are, so we’ve studied why some days we run on schedule and some days we don’t – with IDENTICAL scheduling. The variable that made all the difference was the unpredictability of the patients’ problems combined with the unpredictability of emergencies.

Right or wrong, we’ve made a commitment to our patients to give them the time and expertise that each and every person needs and to resist turning away patients with true emergency situations (we assume that’s why you’ve honored us with being your choice for eyecare). The trade-off, as you can predict, is that we occasionally run late for your scheduled appointment time.

It’s not that we don’t care about your time, rather, it’s because you’re so important to us that you may at times need to wait longer than planned. As frustrated as you may feel when you wait in our office – rest assured that if at some point you need emergency care, or your visit reveals some complex problem, we’ll be there for you. Dr. Stoken and his family have at times needed emergency or “extra-special” care, and have always been very grateful.

If you have special needs during your visit, please tell one of the personnel and they would be glad to assist you. If needed, you may reschedule your visit.

We ask your consideration for other patients problems and rest assured you will get what you came here for; kind, competent care for your problems.

Dilating Eye Drops

For certain examinations we use dilating eye drops which may blur your near vision for approximately two hours and make your eyes sensitive to light. Plan your visit accordingly. If you do not have sunglasses, we will be happy to provide you with a temporary pair, free of charge.


Charges for office visits and surgeries are determined by time spent and vary with the complexity or severity of the problem. A general list of fees for all services provided is available upon request.


SWOA participates with a variety of insurance plans. It is best, however, to call our office first to make sure that your plan is an accepted form of insurance. If your insurance requires a referral, it is your responsibility to call your doctor to get proper referral. Some major medical plans will pay for services in the event there is an injury, disease, or family history of diagnosis. If this is the case, contact your insurance company to verify coverage. Please bring your insurance card with you to your appointment. If you have a co pay you will be expected to pay at the time of your visit.

Physician Referrals

If another doctor has referred you to us, please tell us so we may report back promptly. Your medical records will be kept private. The only exception is when we are required by law to disclose them (e.g. industrial injuries, assault, etc.).

Your Suggestions

We appreciate all comments and suggestions regarding our services. Your feedback allows us to continue to enhance our level of service to you, your friends, and family.